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    The Global Farmer Network amplifies the farmers' voice in promoting trade, technology, sustainable farming, economic growth, and food security.

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    Trade Agreements

    Celebrating the Freedom to Trade

    I once touched the Liberty Bell. It was a long time ago: I was seven or eight years old and my mother had taken me to Philadelphia to see t...

    Celebrating the Certainty of Trade

    From the Covid-19 pandemic and its stay-at-home orders to the protests over police brutality and all of their controversies, this year will ...


    When I traveled to the United States from my familys farm in Kenya two years ago, I saw firsthand how agricultural science and engineering...


    Food and nutrition security is focused on ensuring that everyone is able to access sufficient, affordable, nutritious food to meet their dietary needs. The World Health Organization (WHO) considers household food and nutrition security to be a basic human right. Learn More

    man in white shirt planting at daytime

    Validation of Agriculture as an Essential and Sustainable Industry

    Did you know that our most basic foods could be totally consumed around the world in just a few months? This is why governments everywhere ...
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    The European Green Deal is a Bad Deal

    The European Commission has a plan to eliminate modern farming in Europe. The details emerged last month, as part of a "European Green D...

    Adaptive Agriculture During a Global Pandemic

    At a time when millions of Americans are losing their jobs, many farmers are feeling blessed to have work. But that doesn't mean that the co...


    The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is a proposed trade agreement between the European Union and the United States. The goal of this agreement is to promote bilateral economic growth. Learn More

    Modern Technology is a Sustainability Tool for Every Farmer

    Where's my jet pack? This rhetorical question is an old joke, usually uttered to express satiric dissatisfaction with how we're not living ...

    Using Data in Nigeria to Reduce Violence and Build Food Security

    Farming should be safe, but in Nigeria it can be deadly. It's so dangerous, in fact, that a report released on June 15 by an all-party p...

    Future of Farming Dialogue is an annual global event that brings together journalists, influencers, farmers, and key stakeholders to share i...


    What if 'Take it to the Farmer' Meant the Government too

    Photo credit: White House/Eisenhower Presidential Library "You know, farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil, and you're a th...

    使徒行者(卧底行动)_使徒行者(卧底行动)公益服_变态 ...:2021-12-18 · 使徒行者(卧底行动)官网提供最新使徒行者(卧底行动)私服,变态版使徒行者(卧底行动)公益服,及使徒行者(卧底行动)游戏攻略,礼包激活码等,为喜爱手游私服的玩家提供免费的手机游戏公 …

    I have to drive 20 miles to see a traffic light. To get to an airport from our farm requires a 2-hour drive to Burlington. In other word...

    Farming Through Extreme Climate Events Is A Global Challenge

    We live on opposite sides of the world and weve never met in personbut as farmers who have confronted major natural disasters this month, ...


    Biofortification involves breeding crops to increase their nutritional value. Learn More Tramadol buy online Fioricet online order


    Access to More Trade Could Mean Access to New Technologies for Kenyas Farmers

    When I traveled to the United States from my familys farm in Kenya two years ago, I saw firsthand how agricultural science and engineering...

    Still Waiting for Approval to Plant Golden Rice

    Bangladesh is on the verge of making one of the most important decisions in the history of GM crops: It may become the first country to comm...

    News Item: 'Feeding 10 Billion People Will Require Genetically Modified Food'

    Bloomberg - By Deena Shanker - July 16, 2023 Feeding 10 Billion People Will Require Genetically Modified Food The climate is changing, the ...
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